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Jack Teboda has used his business influence to literally raise tens of thousands of dollars that helped specifically purchase the van for the orphanage!  His generosity and fundraising climbing Mt. Rainier in 2013 has helped so many children! 

Pastor Heath Cook and Covenant Church in Willis Texas has joined with Merry Hearts and has made multiple trips to Guatemala.  Heath oversees a group of 15-20 each time they go. They have spent many days helping on projects around the orphanage. They have also spent time in Rodeo de Jalapa helping the village.  This past Christmas Heath and another friend flew to Guatemala on Christmas day to bring an extra special Christmas to the kids at the orphanage!    

Many individuals and families have donated to Merry Hearts. Gene Welch a friend of Merry Hearts, recently traveled to Guatemala with Thomas and celebrated his 50th Birthday.  In lieu of personal gifts he and his family hosted a party and asked for donations for Merry Hearts water wells! They were able to raise over $5000 with this generous ​unique Birthday Celebration! 





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